Bathroom Exhaust Fan Kits w/ Adjustable Grille
Attack moisture at its source. Choose the easy-to-install adjustable grille bathroom ventilation fan kit that features the AXC in-line duct fan and our attractive adjustable ventilation grilles. Vary airflow to suit your needs. Adjustable grille bathroom ventilation fan kits are available with one or two ventilation points.

RG Bathroom Ventilation Fan Kits Include: 
  • AXC remote mount in-line fan
  • Mounting brackets 
  • Adjustable grille/collar (1)
  • Clamps (3)

DX Bathroom Ventilation Fan Kits Include:
  • AXC remote mount in-line fan
  • Mounting brackets
  • Adjustable grilles/collars (2)
  • Clamps (7)
  • Y-fitting (1)
Features & Benefits
  • Boost dryer exhaust efficiency, reduce drying times, and deliver cost savings
  • External rotor motor design for quiet and efficient operation
  • Backward-curved centrifugal impeller to over come long duct runs
  • In-line construction to reduce lint build-up
  • Heavy gauge, drawn steel housing with baked epoxy finish
  • Large mounting collars for duct connections
  • High temperature construction: 60 C/140 F
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • 120VAC, single phase
  • Infinitely variable fan speed capability
  • Ball bearings, permanently lubricated
  • Enclosed motor housing
  • Five year warranty

Static pressure and airflow [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]