MID Mixed Flow In-Line Fan

Where high efficiency and quiet operation are required, MID Fan provides the perfect solution. The MID Mixed Flow In-line fan utilizes the patented MF Mixed Flow Impeller, incorporating adjustable blade geometry for exact performance matching. The housing is constructed of rolled and continuously welded heavy-gauge steel. The fan motor base is constructed of welded heavy-gauge steel, and form an integral part of the interior fan housing. This innovative in-line fan is available in diameters from 12” through 24”, with capacities ranging to 5,340 cfm. Ideal applications for the MID Mixed Flow In-line Fan include process ventilation and cabinet cooling.

Features & Benefits
  • Exceptionally quiet and efficient
  • High capacity mixed flow impellers
  • Standard NEMA motors
  • Baked polyester powder coat finish
  • Custom mounting arrangements available
  • External junction box
  • Diameters range from 12" to 24", with custom designs available
  • Capacities to 5,340 cfm

Static pressure and airflow

01234560100020003000400050006000AIRFLOW [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]