TME Impeller (EC)

Continental Fan’s new TME High Efficiency EC Impellers are superbly crafted and precision balanced air-moving devices, featuring superior performance and a compact design. By combining a new highly efficient backward curved impeller design with the latest technology and integral controls of an electronically commutated (EC) external rotor motor, the TME impeller delivers unparalleled operation and energy savings.

TME High Efficiency EC Impellers are constructed of long glass-fiber polypropylene material. These high-strength impellers offer significant weight reduction and ease of installation. They are ideally suited for many OEM air-moving applications such as electronic cabinet cooling, clean room modules, air filtration systems, heat exchangers, air-handling units, and more...

Features & Benefits
  • High efficiency: ErP qualified at 50 Hz
  • EC (Electronically Commutated) external rotor motor
  • Dual frequency motor (50 Hz & 60 Hz)
  • Permissible ambient temperature range: -4 F to 104 F
  • 1-10 VDC or PWM motor control
  • 100% speed controllable
  • High efficiency backward curved impeller
  • High-strength long glass-fiber polypropylene material
  • Voltage:
  • 200-277V single phase
  • 200-240V three phase
  • 380-480V three phase

Static pressure and airflow

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