CAB Cast Aluminum Blowers

CAB Cast Aluminum Blowers are superbly crafted and precision balanced air-moving fans that are available in 4", 6" or 8" diameters, with capacities to 1,550 cfm. These blowers feature a rugged cast aluminum housing and a heavy duty steel base. CAB blowers provide the perfect solution to many industrial and commercial fan requirements. Ideal applications for these forward curved cast aluminum blowers include smoke and fume removal, spot cooling, and electronic equipment cooling.

Features & Benefits
  • Forward curved, steel wheel
  • Designed for highly efficient performance
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing, heavy duty steel base
  • AMCA Type C spark resistant construction
  • CW rotation; rotatable to 4 positions
  • Suitable for 0 to 150 F
  • Circular inlet and outlet collars
  • Single or three phase TEFC motors
  • Capacities to 1,550 cfm

Static pressure and airflow

0123450300600900120015001800AIRFLOW [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]