RMD Axial Exhaust Fans

RMD axial exhaust fans are suitable for roof or wall mounting in commercial ventilation applications. They are the perfect low cost choice for areas that have little or no duct-work. RMD axial exhaust fans are easy to install, corrosion resistant, and feature a totally enclosed ball bearing motor. RMD axial exhaust fans are available in diameters from 10" through 18", with direct drive airflow capacities ranging to 2,400 cfm.

Features & Benefits
  • Axial impellers constructed with die formed blades riveted to a steel hub
  • Suitable for roof or wall mounting
  • Spun aluminum housing for weather resistant durability
  • Wire conduit provides a clear channel for electrical connections
  • Bird screen
  • Totally enclosed, permanently lubricated, ball bearing motor
  • Disconnect switch
  • 110 F max. temperature rating
  • Available in 115V single phase
  • Diameters range from 10" to 18"
  • Direct drive capacities to 2,400 cfm

Static pressure and airflow [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]