HRVB Belt Drive Hooded Roof Ventilator

HRV hooded roof ventilators are suitable for industrial supply or exhaust fan applications. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including general ventilation, moisture-laden air, heat or smoke fumes, and mild contaminates in the air stream. HRV hooded roof ventilators offer aerodynamically superior performance, constructed with a heavy duty welded steel base and aluminum hood with bird screen. These powerful industrial fans are available in diameters from 24" through 60". The adjustable pitch airfoil axial impeller is constructed of spark resistant die cast aluminum, and is factory set for precise performance matching. HRV hooded roof ventilators are available in either direct drive (HRVD) or belt drive (HRVB) configurations.

Features & Benefits
  • Supply or exhaust applications
  • Direct drive (HRVD) or belt drive (HRVB) arrangements
  • Spark resistant, cast aluminum airfoil axial impeller
  • Factory set adjustable pitch blades
  • Aerodynamically efficient performance
  • Heavy duty welded steel base
  • Baked polyester powder coat finish with a zinc rich primer
  • Aluminum hood with birdscreen
  • TEFC industrial duty motor
  • Direct drive units are easily maintained – no belts or pulleys
  • Belt drive units have self-aligning pillow block bearings
  • Belt drive units use v-belt drive for low speed operation
  • Sizes range from 24" to 60" diameters

Static pressure and airflow

00.511.522.5050001000015000200002500030000AIRFLOW [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]Belt losses are not accounted for in the selections